Categories: Waterproofing

Thai Stanley TNP-2

Background The Thai Stanley project is a new building project on a big industrial complex located north of Bangkok. Thai Stanley deals in the production and sale of automobile parts and accessories. The main products of the company are automobile light bulbs (signal, stop and tail bulbs, and head lamps) and automobile lighting equipment (automobile, […]

PTT LNG Terminal Expansion Phase II

Background PTT LNG was established in August 2004 as a wholly owned Thai national oil and gas company by PTT Plc, with the aim of building and operating Thailand first LNG Terminal in Map Ta Phut, in order to serve the rising demand of natural gas and secure a long term energy supply for Thailand. […]

Suvarnabhumi Airport

Background The example project shows a specialist application of waterproofng materials applied to several buildings at Bangkok’s new international airport, Thailand. The buildings included, were the airport information management system building, roof of the main control tower and the main air traffc control buildings, which house very sophisticated and important computer equipment. The total area […]