PTT LNG Terminal Expansion Phase II

PTT LNG Terminal Expansion Phase II


PTT LNG was established in August 2004 as a wholly owned Thai national oil and gas company by PTT Plc, with the aim of building and operating Thailand first LNG Terminal in Map Ta Phut, in order to serve the rising demand of natural gas and secure a long term energy supply for Thailand.

Operating Process

Natural Gas from a gas reservoir is delivered via pipelines to a liquefaction facility where it is converted to a liquid state, this process is known as liquefaction and removes all impurities by reducing the natural gas temperature, when in its converted liquid form it can then be stored in specially designed tanks whilst it awaits transportation by ships with special vessels where it can then be transported to designated buyers at a lower cost than by natural gas pipelines. Regasification is the process to convert the liquefaction gas into a gaseous form so it can be pumped by pipeline to power plants, who are the main users of this fuel.

Special Requirements

Trepax Innovation were chosen to install and apply the coating systems for the external walls and domed roof of the concrete LNG holding tanks. The outer tank concrete shell walls were surface prepared using diamond tipped grinding machines, this was accessed by use of 4 man gondola baskets, of which there were 40 gondola line per tank, suspended from the roof. The roof section was surface prepared by Trepax using blast track, grit blasting units, so that a pure polyurea waterproofing system with an aliphatic UV resistant topcoat could be applied.

Corrosion/Weather Protection

The system for the outer concrete shell walls is a 4 part coating system consisting of a primer, epoxy putty, intermediate coat and fnally a protective elastic topcoat to protect the structure from the elements of the hot weather and saline sea atmosphere, it is also designed as a decorative coating and Trepax were tasked with painting the PTT company logos onto the fnished painted structure, which we did successfully.

System Specification

Outer Concrete Shell Walls; Consisting of primer, putty, 2xundercoats plus PU topcoat.

Domed Concrete Roof; Pure polyurea with UV resistant aliphatic topcoat.

Project Details

Location Rayong, Thailand
Project PTT LNG Terminal Expan sion Phase II
Owner PTT LNG Company Limited
EPC IHI Corporation
Date 2017
Work Weather Protective Coating Systems, Epoxy, Polyurea. To 2x Concrete LNG Tanks
System Outer Concrete Shell Walls; Consisting of primer, putty, 2xundercoats plus PU top coat. Domed Concrete Roof; Pure polyurea with UV resis tant aliphatic topcoat.
Area 320,000 m3
Value US$ 2,448,000