Mansinloc Power Plant

Mansinloc Power Plant

Mansinloc Power Plant-B02


The Masinloc coal-fired thermal power plant is a 600 megawatt (MW) base-load pulverized coal fired power plant. The plant began operations in 1998. It covers an area of 137 hectares (ha). It is located in the municipality of Masinloc, Province of Zambales, about 250 kilometers (km) northwest of Manila. The Masinloc Expansion Project will add 300MW of capacity to the original 600MW facility, representing an infrastructure investment of up to US$800 million (Courtesy: AES Corp).

Operating Process

The plants will use a subcritical steam generator, a boiler that operates at very high pressure to produce power. This will provide it with much higher fuel efficiency and produce less carbon dioxide compared with other conventional power plants.

Project Details for Units 3 & 4 Expansion

  • Sponsor: SMC Global Power
  • Parent Company: San Miguel Corporation
  • Location: Masinloc Municipality, Zambales Province
  • Coordinates: 15.5638449, 119.9191543 (exact)
  • Status: Unit 3: Construction Unit 4: Pre-permit development
  • Nameplate Capacity: 600 MW (Units 3 & 4: 300 MW)

Special Requirements

Trepax were awarded a contract to supply and install a lining system to the steel surfaces and concrete surfaces. Lining is provided in the internal surfaces of GGH, absorber and duct.

System Specification

1. A silica filled, glass cloth reinforced vinyl ester resin based lining system for concrete absorber areas. Ceilcote 242 Flakeline is a flake filled vinyl ester coating with excellent resistance to organic and inorganic acid solutions and many aliphatic solvents.
2. A glass flake filled vinyl ester resin based coating system for ducts and GGH. Ceilcote 282 Flakeline is a flake-filled, corrosion resistant lining system specifically designed for flue gas desulphurisation environments.

Project Details

Location Zambales Province, Philippines
Project Mansinloc 300MW Coal Fired Thermal Power Plant
Owner San Miguel Corporation
EPC Ventanas Philippines Construction Inc.
Date 2018
Work Flake Lining of FGD (Absorber, GGH and Ducting)
System Flake Lining
Area 2,850 m2
Value US$ 233,000