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NGK Spark Plugs

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The NGK flooring project is a second production building for the NGK Spark Plugs (Thailand) Co., Ltd. located in Amata Industrial Estate, Chonburi, Thailand. This production building is 4 stories high and covers a floor space of approximately 37000 m2.

With its parent company NGK Spark Plug Co., Ltd headquartered in Nagoya, Japan, NGK Spark Plugs Thailand started production in 2010 and was the production base for automotive sensors for the Asian countries. With the recent stringent regulations on fuel consumption and exhaust emissions in countries around the world, there is an increase in demand for sensors that detect oxygen concentration in exhaust gases and other sensors.

This additional production plant was established to meet large demand for various automotive sensors. Items to be produced in this plant are Zirconia oxygen sensors, temperature sensors and a wide range of oxygen (UEGO) sensors.

Special Requirements

Trepax were chosen to install Epoxy Leveling, Electrostatic Protective Coating System and Floor Coating to the various productions and assembly rooms of the plant. The flooring systems used is widely used on various production, power plant projects of Trepax in Thailand and oversea projects with excellent results.

System Specification

A three component solvent and phenol free multi-purpose, epoxy resin floor coating system. This coating has good chemical resistance and system was applied at 2-3mm thickness to provide protection to new floors in light to medium duty applications.

Project Details

Location Amatanakorn Phase 8, Chonburi
Project NGK Spark Plugs
Owner Thai Obayashi Co., Ltd.
EPC Thai Obayashi Co., Ltd.
Date 2018
Work Epoxy Flooring 
System Epoxy Self Leveling Flooring
Area 13,500 m2
Value US$ 289,820