Manjung 4 Project

Manjung 4 Project


The new power plant is being constructed next to the existing power plant at Perak, which is approximately 288km north of Kuala Lumpur. It will be the frst 1,000 megawatt class ultra  upercritical coal fired power plant in Malaysia and the single largest unit in South East Asia, when it is completed in 2015. A consortium formed by ABB Alstom power plants and Peremba Construction were selected as the EPC contractor for the project. ABB Alstom owns 75% while the Malaysian company Peremba owns the remainder.

Operating Conditions

Alstom’s market leading ultra super critical technology at Manjung 4 will provide additional capacity to meet ever increasing demand in one of the worlds fastest growing economies, while producing signifcantly lower emissions than existing plants.

It will produce enough electricity to power nearly 2 million Malaysian households. As with all heavy coal fred power plants international regulations require construction of a flue gas desulfurisation plant, (sea water de-sulphurisation) to manage and protect the surrounding environment from the acid fumes generated by the process.

Special Requirements

At Manjung 4 the flue gases generated from the process contain many corrosive materials, specifcally Sulphur Dioxide, which in the presence of moisture can form concentrated Sulphuric Acid. This and other materials used in the FGD process are highly corrosive to normal construction materials such as steel and concrete and therefore Corrosion Protection of these assets are required to achieve and maintain a long operational life span.

Corrosion Protection

The highly corrosive atmosphere and high temperatures in the FGD equipment means special attention needs to be applied to the engineering and material selection, to ensure the correct level and degree of corrosion protection is applied/installed.


A The FGD unit at Manjung 4 power plant had the following assets protected from corrosion.

… Absorber.

… Inlet and Outlet Ducting.

… Gas Gas Heater.

… Chemical Loading Area.

High temperature grade Novalac Vinyl Ester Resin Systems were used to protect the above. The product type matched to the operating conditions. In areas of high temperature Heavy Duty Glass Flake Filled Lining Systems were used. In other areas that were subject to abrasion and chemical attack, an appropriately matched Novalac Vinyl Ester Resin System was installed.

Project Details

Location Perak, Malaysia
Project Manjung 4 Coal Fired Power Plant
Owner Tenaga Nasional Berhad’s subsidiary
EPC Alstom Services Sdn Bhd
Date 2014
Work Absorber and Gas Gas Heater
System Vinyl Ester Glass Flake Lining
Area 7,300 m2
Value US$ 1.1 Million