Hongsa Power Plant Inspection Work

Hongsa Power Plant Inspection Work

Hongsa Power Plant Inspection Work-B03


The 1,878MW Hongsa Mine Mouth power plant project is the frst and the biggest lignite-fred power plant to be developed in Lao PDR. The project is located in the Hongsa and Muang Nguen istricts of Xayaboury province, Lao.

Hongsa Power Company (HPC) is a joint venture formed in 2009 between Banpu Power (BPP), Rattchaburi Electricity Generating Holdings (RATCH) and Lao Holding State Enterprise (LHSE) is the project developer. The investment in the power plant is estimated to be $ 3.7bn.

It is Lao PDR ‘s highest capacity power plant providing a sustainable supply of energy for both Lao and Thailand.

Operating Process

The process will be controlled and monitored from a fully equipped central control room. Each power generated unit will be highly automated to ensure strict compliance with operating limits and achievement of optimum performance, as well as to guarantee reliability and safety of the power plant, additionally the power plant will operate in compliance with the world bank environmental guidelines 2007 (WBE G07).

Special Requirements

Trepax were asked to carry out inspection work to the FGD / Absorber unit 2, this area includes The Absorber and GGH units, general inspection works were carried out, including thickness of coatings tests, using an Elcometer electronic dry flm thickness gauge, this was used to determine any low coated points within the absorber and is very accurate at measuring coating thicknesses to the substrate.

System Specifcation

No product systems were installed. Trepax were asked to carry out inspection work.

Project Details

Location Hongsa Muang Nguen District, Laos PDR
Project Hongsa Power Plant Inspection Work
Owner Hongsa Power Co., Ltd.
EPC Hongsa Power Co., Ltd.
Date 2017
Work Inspection to FGD / Absorber Unit 2
System Inspection Using Qc Inspection Equipment
Area N/A
Value US$ 14,200.00