DRC EW Expansion Project

DRC EW Expansion Project


Ausenco were awarded the contract for the development of the Kinsevere stage 2 copper project in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Central Africa, by AMVK mining SPRL. Kinsevere is a  high grade copper deposit of exceptional quality. The stage 2 project in 2011 a $400 million solvent extraction and electro winning (SXEW) plant. The mine has a name plate capacity of 60,000 tonnes of copper cathode per year.

Operating Conditions

The treatment of primary ore to extract copper is a chemical process using leach technologies and strong acids such as sulphuric acid. The ore is processed as slurry and has signifcant erosiveualities. The processing method is crushing, grinding, agitated leach.

Special Requirements

Due to the fact that Trepax had done such a good job during the frst phase of work at Kinsevere, we were asked to come back for Phase two. Given that Trepax had prepared, repaired and lined thousands of metres of very poorly laid concrete successfully, meant we were the obvious choice to apply the linings for phase II, which again as with Phase I was all concrete lining work. As with Phase I, we had to address the poor state of the concrete, this had to be done before we could apply any of the fnished lining systems, so again several large areas of concrete were prepared in the following ways, the areas were scabbled or chipped back to remove any loose or weakened areas of badly placed concrete, this was then primed and prepared, by repairing and leveling with a vinylester repair system.

Corrosion Protection

As with phase I the concrete, once lined had to withstand the corrosive media and demands of the production process, so FRP lining systems had to be installed. These systems had to resistorrosion and erosion and maintain sufficient thickness to meet the projects service life.


Vinyl ester FRP lining system.

Project Details

Location Lubumbashi, Katanga, DRC Africa
Project DRC EW Expansion Project
Owner Anvil Mining Limited
EPC Ausenco
Date 2012
Work Concrete Lining
Systems FRP Lining
Area 1,820 m2
Value US$ 300,000