Dap II Rubber Lining Installation

Dap II Rubber Lining Installation


DAP II Project is a venture by Vinachem joint stock company and is a fertilizer plant in the Lao Cai province of Vietnam. The plant produces diammonium phosphate at a capacity of 330,000 tonnes. A total investment of $ 247 million, built in Tang Loong Industrial Zone, Bao Thang District, Lao Cai Province on a construction site with an area of 74.7 ha.

Special Requirements

Many systems were installed to cope with the acid and corrosive environment caused by the process to produce fertilizer. 28 tanks and vessels were lined in various systems, ranging from vulcanized rubber lining, acid brick and tile lining and the insulating of the main stack.

Corrosion Protection

Vulcanised rubber lining systems were installed using steam curing methods, with the use of temperature controlled boilers. This vulcanized rubber system is essential for the lining of these tanks and equipment to withstand the constant effects of aggressive acids that are used in the production process of fertilizer manufacture.

Material Characteristics

Self vulcanized systems have effective adhesion and are easily applied to the surface under high temperatures, it is resistant to high temperatures and very aggressive enviroments and is cured by the use of a hot steam vulcanization process using boilers or autoclaves.

Rubber Lining Systems

A hard rubber material with graphite flling based on polyisoprene-styrene-butadiene rubber. It is Vulcanised in an autoclave or by the use of boilers, using hot water or steam. It is used to protect steel constructed tanks, vessels and plant from chemical attack and is highly effective in its resistance to alkaline and acid environments.

A self vulcanized rubber based on brombutyl rubber. It is used in steel surface protection against chemical attack, has excellent chemical resistance and vapour diffusion properties. Used in  hosphoric acid plants, scrubbers, reactors and pipelines.

A vulcanized rubber based on chlorbutyl caoutchouc. It is used to protect concrete and steel constructions from chemical attack. It has perfect resistance to different acids and solutions.

Project Details

Location Lao Cai, Vietnam
Project DAP II Rubber Lining Installation
Owner Vinachem
EPC Toyo-Thai Corporation Public Company Limited
Date 2013 – 2014
Work Rubber Lining Work
System Rubber Lining
Area 4,200 m2
Value US$ 1,690,000