Chatree North Gold

Chatree North Gold


Kingsgate Consolidated Ltd is an Australian gold mining/ exploration company, that owns and operates the Chatree gold mine in central Thailand. The expansion of operations in Thailand to a  rate of 200,000 ounces per annum is a result of a growing reserve resource position, due to a commitment to near mine exploration.

Environmental Conditions

The treatment of ore to extract gold is a chemical process using a conventional carbon in leach method. The ore is processed as a slurry and has signifcant erosive qualities. The CIL tank train prepares the ore slurries for further processing up stream to produce Dore bars containing both gold and silver, which are then processed further, off site.

Project Requirements

The installation procedures of the vinyl ester and rubber lining systems, were chosen to give maximum protection to the floors and walls of the tanks. This was primarily down to the fact that  repax had successfully applied this type of system on previous projects, where it has proved to be effective in protecting such vessels.

Corrosion Protection

The CIP tanks are subject to high erosion and subsequent corrosion of the steel shell. Conventional high build low DFT coatings are found to be inadequate in such an extreme environment. It is our design recommendation for a higher grade coating system to be applied to the Leach/CIP tanks. This system will help to maintain a long operational life span.


System for Steel… The steel tanks were coated with a high build vinyl ester flake lined coating system, applied to the walls and baffles of the tank, so as to meet the demands of protecting the steel. The floor was lined with a 6mm natural rubber lining system, which displays high abrasion resistance, to protect against both the corrosion and erosion forces within the tank.

System for  Concrete… The concrete bund areas were prepared and coated with a heavy duty Vinyl Ester lining system, this system protects the concrete areas from attack from chemical spills and erosion and to maintain sufficient thickness to meet the projects service life.

Project Details

Location Phichit, Thailand
Project Chatree North Gold
Owner Kingsgate Consolidated Limited
EPC Vipco, Ausenco, Akara Mining
Date 2010
Work Leach/CIP/Detox Tanks
Systems For Steel, Vinyl Ester Flake Filled Coating, Rubber Lining For Concrete, Heavy Duty Vinyl Ester Lining
Area 11,000 m2
Value US$ 1.6 Million