Carrefour Warehouse Jordan

Carrefour Warehouse Jordan


Carrefour supermarket warehouse floor upgrade project in Amman, Jordan with a floor area of approximately 3,500 m2. This example of our work shows the international capabilities of our company of being able to tackle diffcult projects outside our region. The scope of this project was to upgrade the previously failed epoxy floor to allow for a cleaner and more easily manageable workspace for the client. This was to be done while the store was open during winter conditions in Jordan. Trepax offered a design, supply and installation support service working with our local partner in Amman to complete the floor to the client’s satisfaction.

Logistical Planning

As with all busy heavily traffcked warehouses, that operate a 24hr continual production procedure, time required to repair, maintain or replace worn and damaged flooring is limited. This poses logistical problems relating to diffculties in ensuring minimal disruption to production, whilst the repair and installation of the new flooring system is carried out. Trepax successfully achieved this goal, with careful well thought out planning and organizational man management.

Special Requirements

The original coating applied to the floor had failed due to incorrect design and subsequent repairs failed due to poor surface preparation. The client looking for a long-term solution had contacted many local suppliers to design and apply a trial sample. Trepax was selected because of its long track record with Carrefour in Asia. From the clients trials only Trepax met their requirements and were selected to do the work. The project had many diffcult challenges including very badly damaged concrete, heavily soiled areas, low temperatures and working with the client to keep interruptions to their business to a minimum whilst the store remained operational and Trepax executed the work.


The system applied was a 2mm epoxy self-leveling coating system. There was substantial repairing to the concrete floor required and thorough preparation due to heavy soiling and contamination. A special fast curing grade of our product was used due to the limited time to access floor areas and because of working in low temperature conditions.

Project Details

Location Amman, Jordan
Project Carrefour Warehouse Jordan
Owner Carrefour
EPC Carrefour
Date 2009
Work Warehouse Floor
System 2mm. Epoxy Self-Leveling
Area 3,500 m2
Value US$ 100,000