Asia Silicones Process Areas

Asia Silicones Process Areas


General Electrics (GE) together with Shin Etsu Chemical of Japan formed a joint venture to start production of Silicone monomers in Thailand. Construction of the 1st Phase G1 started in 2001. The plant had an expected output of 70,000 tonnes/year and is currently Asia’s largest class silicone monomer production facility.

Operating Conditions

The production of silicones requires the use of strong acid and alkali materials such as Nitiric Acid, Hydrohloric Acid, Sodium Hydroxide and Sodium Silicafluoride. Discharge from pumps and other equipment means concrete and surrounding areas need to be protected from the damaging chemicals. Up stream operations for waste water handling contain suffcient concentrations of aggressive chemicals to warrant the use of specialist lining materials.

Special Requirements

The concrete protection was specifed by the EPC Trepax were able to demonstrate their ability to supply and install the specifed lining system and work with the EPC to solve diffcult detailing of the process areas.

Corrosion Protection

To provide long term protection to process areas, waste water treatment and holding tank assests a protective lining system was applied to these areas to the requirements of the specifcation. The project involved diffcult detailing around plant, equipment and piping.


Glass matt reinforced Vinyl Ester lining system was installed to provide protection to all areas and fnished with a clear moisture inhibited top coat.

Project Details

Location Rayong, Thailand
Project G1 Asia Silicone Monomer
Owner Asia Silicones Monomer Company Limited
Contractor ITD Public Company Limited
Date 2003
Work Concrete Tank & Bund Areas
Scope Vinyl Ester Lining Systems
Area 9,000 m2
Value US$ 400,000