Environmental Health & Safety

Environmental Health & Safety


A primary driver in the overall strategy of Trepax is our EHS management polices. We consider this area of the business one of the most important and integral part of our success. Over the years, we have gained many awards and accolades regarding EHS applied to our project work.

We constantly work on projects where the highest level of EHS standards are requires such as Power Plants, Refineries and Mine sites etc. Our record in projects in achieving consistent no lost time incidents is proof of our commitment to a high level of EHS standards.

Safety of our personnel on site, along with other people within our surrounding work areas, are of paramount importance to us as a company. Trepax works to international safety standards, to ensure these standards are adhered to and maintained throughout all stages of every project. Occupational safety and management plans are implemented for each project undertaken.

Job safety and risk analysis procedures are undertaken and implemented for each stage of the work. Our project management team is fully trained and experienced in implementing all aspects of safety required for the job site.

The protection of the environment is now encompassed by a wider scope of safety standards used in the work place, which is designed to recognise and limit the potential dangers and negative effects to the environment. In our projects, Trepax recognise these standards and has policies and procedures in place to ensure our project teams fully understand and comply with all environmental standards as a matter of course. From material handling, disposal of waste, surface preparation and installation methods, all of which can have negative impacts if not carried out and executed using the correct and safe working procedures. Trepax employs modern methods, standards and principles to ensure that the protection of the environment is a priority in our work and projects.