Repair and Renovation

Repair and Renovation

Concrete Repair & Protectionf

Corrosion and Wear Protection is about engineered solutions; this is a combination of materials, design and detailing, preparation, installation and preventive maintenance. All the listed factors, brought together in the right balance are essential components if long-term benefits are to be realized. This business is high value and there is no room for error as the implications of asset failure and environmental damage is huge. Trepax has experience in all types of high-end corrosion protection dealing with applications such as chemical containment, process vessels, chemical storage under extremes of temperature, pressure, chemical concentrations and erosion of corrosive media. In conjunction with our principals we offer engineered solutions to complex issues using both traditional materials such as bricks, tiles and rubber sheet as well as more modern materials such as glass fiber/glass flake reinforced linings. We also offer solutions based on the new technology materials that use fluoropolymers and other advanced systems.

Trepax specialize in offering solutions for abrasion, wear, impact and corrosion through chemical and environmental attack and heat loss on process equipment. This work can be done inside the plant/facility of the customer or alternatively certain pieces of plant and equipment can be taken to our workshop in Rayong, where we have a trained service team who are able to REPAIR, REBUILD & PROTECT these assets.

REPAIR… of concrete and metallic substrates subject to chemical, corrosion and erosion attack.

REBUILD… of concrete and metallic substrates, plant and equipment, to extend its life span and continued performance.

PROTECT… concrete and metallic substrates from corrosive and erosive attack to give our customers peace of mind and a true guarantee for success.

The demand on plant and equipment in busy production and processing plants within heavy industry, where constant 24 hour operations exist, is a major concern for owner operators.

Trepax along with its supply partners of these innovative protective repair, coating and lining systems are able to service these busy operations and in many cases repair upgrade and overhaul the plant and equipment whilst still in operation, saving significant costs in lost production and down time.

By utilizing the latest technologies in specialist repair and protection materials we are able to solve many of the issues that we are presented with and it is only down to the imagination and creative thinking by our trained engineers and highly skilled workforce that allows us to come up with these highly effective solutions, using these innovative products.