Corrosion and Wear Protection

Corrosion and Wear Protection

Corrosion & Wear Protectionf

Trepax deliver a portfolio of engineered concepts and designed system solutions, all tailor made and packaged to meet our clients corrosion and wear protection needs. We offer turn-key solutions within the fields of corrosion technology, corrosion mitigation and wear protection. Where specifications exist, our engineers work with procurement departments to match our principal systems within the specifications. Where there is no such specification for a product but a design condition then we work with owners, designers and specifiers to provide the best package that meets the prevailing and future conditions in line with the project budgets.

Conceptual designs through to installation are fully supported by design data and documentation creating the most suitable corrosion and wear protection service across South East Asia and beyond.

As well as new projects development we frequently assist in existing asset inspection and root cause investigation by our experienced engineers. This is implemented with full client participation to mitigate future corrosion, erosion and other mechanisms of substrate loss. As an after sales service this can also be monitored by our dedicated teams of corrosion mitigation specialists, which we have situated on various sites throughout SE Asia.

This is all brought together in a single sourced package to ultimately provide our clients with a complete engineered solution for their surface protection needs. Our expertise in these areas provide a solid design foundation for our clients to rely on.


As a company, Trepax have dedicated many years to protecting the valuable assets of companies of varying sectors such as mining, power generation, pulp and paper, oil and gas, along with many other heavy industries that require corrosion and wear protection services. We have become revered specialists within the field of corrosion and wear protection and continue to give a true guarantee for success to our clients.


Whether it is in the handling, processing or storing of chemical fluids and corrosive gases, Trepax are able to offer the correct corrosion, abrasion and impact resistant lining and coating solutions in order to provide long term protection to key assets.


Trepax have gained many years experience in the installation of specialist lining and coating systems in a wide range of markets, from mine sites to power plants. We install these high end corrosion protection systems to help minimize corrosion and abrasion damage in order to maintain the value of our customers plant and equipment to provide dependable and long term protection.


Trepax have a vast array of knowledge in the installation and design of acid proof cladding systems, these systems offer high chemical resistance in addition to the protection against thermal shock and mechanical stresses. This type of system is usually used in pickling plants or where there are high concentrations of sulphuric acid and phosphoric acid, i.e. in mining leaching processes (sulphuric and fertilizer production plants (phosphoric), also in flue gas cleaning systems within power plants or anywhere where high aggressive chemical activity is present.

Our experienced design and application engineers can accurately analyze local exposures and work out based on the total process management, the ideal composition of the materials. Given that we have close working relationships with some of the top manufacturing companies producing these high end systems, this allows us a library of technical knowledge and know how that enables us to give an accurate diagnosis to the problem at hand allowing us to source the correct engineered solutions.


Our portfolio of coating system solutions offer optimum corrosion and wear resistance protection to a wide range of substances, chemicals and aggressive processes and can be applied to both concrete and steel substrates.

The range of corrosion resistant technologies that Trepax can offer within our basket of solutions can ultimately give the highest level of protection to our customers assets.

Through our highly skilled application of these innovative formulations with high diffusion resistances we ensure that a long service life can be achieved.

Specifically developed systems can also be used at operating temperatures in excess of 200°C and can be applied to both steel and concrete surfaces.

Application of these technologies are usually carried out seamlessly using special spray technology. Rapid set coatings that cure in a few seconds are also available which give high abrasion resistance along with chemical resistance. This is just a brief outline of some of the wide selection of corrosion and wear resistant coatings that we are able to offer and install within our basket of solutions.


The ranges of specialist rubbers we have at our disposal allows us to provide unmatched wear performance in the toughest of abrasion environments.

These rubbers, whether vulcanized or natural give optimum protection and performance and coupled with our experience and abilities to consistently provide the correct level of application we believe we have a real recipe for continuous success and are proud to ensure that we always provide the best field performance that our customers have come to expect.

Demanding & Challenging Environments Require Ultimate Protection

In certain cases such as fertilizer plants and power plants where high chemical and temperatures are present, it is often specified that a high chemical resistant rubber lined system is installed with an acid protective brick or tile lining applied over the rubber.

These are highly corrosive, abrasion and temperature resistant systems able to perform in the most harsh and demanding of environments.

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