Thai Stanley TNP-2

Thai Stanley TNP-2

Thai Stanley - B03


The Thai Stanley project is a new building project on a big industrial complex located north of Bangkok. Thai Stanley deals in the production and sale of automobile parts and accessories. The main products of the company are automobile light bulbs (signal, stop and tail bulbs, and head lamps) and automobile lighting equipment (automobile, motorcycle, temperature control modules, plastic injection and color painting equipment). Due to the increase in car and motor vehicle production, Thai Stanley has decided to increased production of the spare parts for automotive lighting to supply the demand for these products. The waterproofing work for this new production building was approximately 2,798 m2 and was completed in 1 month. TPO waterproofing membrane was selected due to its solar reflective characteristics (thereby making the building energy efficient), contains no toxic or hazardous ingredients and for its flexibility.

Special Requirements

Trepax were selected to install the waterproofing system to the roof, roof wall parapet and drains. The work was done during sunny and windy conditions.

System Specification

The system installed was a single ply 1.52mm (60 mil) TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin) waterproofing membrane. It was installed using adhesive with 5cm overlap seams. Precut thermoplastic non-reinforced membranes were installed on rounded inside and outside corners welded on the main TPO membrane. TPO membrane terminations on walls were fix using termination bar, fasteners and sealant to eliminate water seepage on to the back of the membrane. Fasteners and pins were used to fix the membrane to the roof surface. Pre-molded TPO membranes were used for the drains, corners and foundations on the roof.

Project Details

Location Bangpoon – Rangsit Pathumthani
Project Thai Stanley TNP-2
Owner Thai Kajima
EPC Thai Kajima
Date 2018
Work TPO Water Proofing Membrane
System Carlisle’s Sure – Seal TPO
Area 2,798 m2
Value US$ 83,100