Sepon Water Polishing Plant

Sepon Water Polishing Plant


LXML is a joint venture between Australian miner OZ Minerals and the Laos government In 2003 LXML added a Copper mine and processing plant to its existing gold operation. The Copper Plant produces in excess of 60,000 tonne each year. From leaching of the ore to solvent extraction fnally to onsite electrowining copper cathodes are produced with a 99.999% pure copper content. In 2008 as part of the Phase II Copper Expansion a Waste Water Polishing Plant was added to the plant.

Operating Conditions

The treatment of primary ore to extract copper is a chemical process using atmospheric leach technologies and strong acids such Sulphuric Acid. A vast quantity of raw water from the local Nam Kok river is used in the processing of the ore. The addition of a Polishing Plant to treat the waste water allows for treated waste water to be returned back to its source or recycled.

The project is in a remote location with heavy rainfall and high humidity. Sepon project was a logistical challenge and special heavy duty protection was used to protect the areas from rainfall and maintain the tight installation schedule.

Special Requirements

Acid and Alkali chemicals were both used at this project The process environment of the polishing plant is only slightly corrosive however a high grade coating system was selected because of the humid environment of the mine area and because of the clients high specifcation for a long service life. A two part epoxy system was used with suitable primers with a total DFT of 350um.

The tanks were prefabricated at site and arrived in sheet form primed, all weld joints were required to be prepared to Sa 2.5 near white metal fnish with a 50um profle. All other areas were sweep blasted and the top area had 2 x top coats applied.

The client required a high quality fnish applied to strict international standards for all aspects of the work from work place safety, preparation, application, environment monitoring and quality control to a tight installation schedule.

Trepax were awarded the contract based on their past experience at Sepon and the contractors confdence in Trepax to produce quality work that would meet the clients standards. Trepax supplied specialist manpower, project management skills and heavy duty equipment to carry out the works.

Project Details

Location Savanakhet, Laos PDR
Project Sepon Gold & Copper Mine
Owner OZ Minerals
Contractor SPDG
Date 2008
Work Steel Tanks, Clarifer and Pipes
Scope Blasting & Epoxy Coating
Area 3,600 m2
Value US$ 80,000