Sepon Scrubber Area

Sepon Scrubber Area


Sepon is an open pit copper mine situated in the southern Laos province of Savannakhet. The registered name of the operating company is Lane Xang minerals ltd (LXML) of which MMG owns 90% and the Laos Government owns 10%. In the early 2000,s the mine was operating as a Gold mine as well as copper, however the gold operation has now ceased and only copper is produced.

Operating Conditions

The Scrubber tank is of stainless steel construction and its purpose is to clean and rinse the ore as part of the process of copper production. Contained within the ore are traces of acid, the Stainless steel tanks can easily with stand this concentration of acid within the solution. However the concrete bund areas needed to be protected with a lining material that could also withstand this concentration of acid solution.

Special Requirements

For the reasons stated above, Trepax were asked to install an acid resistant lining system to the concrete bund areas and up stand”s, to protect the concrete from the acid spillage of solution used in the cleaning process of the ore.

Corrosion Protection

The concrete areas were lined with a glass reinforced vinyl ester chemical resistant lining system, to protect the concrete against acid solution spillages.


A layered glass flake filled reinforced vinyl ester lining system.

Project Details

Location Savanakhet, Laos PDR
Project Sepon Scrubber Area
Owner LXML Company Limited
Date 2016
Work Scrubber Tank Bund Area
System Layered Vinyl Ester Lining
Area 151 m2
Value US$ 45,300