Sepon CMP Contract

Sepon CMP Contract


LXML is a joint venture between Australian miner OZ Minerals and the Laos government. The plant has an annual production greater than 800,000oz of Gold and 60,000 tonnes of Copper.

Operating Conditions

The plant is the 1st of its type in the world and the environment at the plant and the operational conditions means there are many corrosion and erosion challenges. During the construction stage many coatings for general areas were wrongly specifed and subsequent corrosion has resulted.

LXML have instigated a Corrosion Mitigation Plan (CMP) to assess and make good corroded steel, damaged concrete and linings to reduce long term costs and extend the plants expected service life.

The project is in a remote location with heavy rainfall and high humidity. The CMP projects carried out was a logistical challenge this work was completed during plant shutdowns with tight turnaround schedules.

Special Requirements

HSE policy is strongly enforced at Sepon and the work requires careful preparation and co-ordination as it involves working in active process areas.

Corrosion Protection

Refurbishment under the CMP project is being carried to structural steel, steel vessels and concrete areas at both the Gold and Copper plants.


As part of the CMP goals all coating systems including those for heavy duty use have been harmonized and standardised to ensure they can meet the expected service conditions.

Trepax supplies Sepon with all its heavy duty coating materials, advises on repair procedures and material selection and installation. At part of the CMP project Trepax was awarded a 12 month contract and we have permanent manpower, equipment and materials on site. LXML views Trepax as a partner and we have had a 4 year successful relationship with them supporting their operation and corrosion protection needs.

Project Details

Location Savanakhet, Laos PDR
Project Sepon Copper Mine
Owner LXML Company Limited
Date 2008
Work Corrosion Mitigation Plan
System Various
Area Steel & Concrete
Value Various