Nui Phao Rubber Lining Maintenance

Nui Phao Rubber Lining Maintenance


The NUI PHAO poly metallic Project, is spread over an area of 9.21km2 and is located in the Dai Tu District of the Thai Nguyen Province in Vietnam, approximately 80km northwest of Hanoi by road.

Masan Resources is developing Nui Phao into a unique poly metallic mine with reserves of tungsten, fluorspar, bismuth, copper and gold. The mine has estimated reserves of 52.5 million tons of ore. Nui Phao will become one of the Worlds lowest cost and long life producers of tungsten, acid grade fluorspar and bismuth. Operating Processes The products will be separated from the ore using a combination of conventional froth floatation and gravity separation processes, along with milling processing, consisting of rod mills and ball mills.

Special Requirements

The installation of rubber lining systems and ongoing repairs to damaged and worn areas within the production process is vital to the ongoing operation and smooth running of the plant. For this reason Trepax now have a fully equipped workshop at Nui Phao complete with an embedded team of specialist rubber liners, permanently based on site on a 24 hour shift rotation giving constant service and support to the NPMC maintenance operation, this is a 3year contract that has been ongoing since January 2014.

Corrosion Protection

Constant exposure to corrosive and abrasive media means a number of high performing rubber lining systems have to be applied to many areas within the plant on a regular basis, including, tanks, hoppers, chutes, pipe spools and other pieces of equipment within the plant process that are under constant wear and need to be relined in order to maintain the plants operation.


Rubber lining for maintenance contract work.

Pre vulcanized 6,0mm SNR (Soft Natural Rubber) used mainly in floatation areas for high abrasion.

Pre vulcanized 6,0mm Bromyl Butyl Rubber,  applied in aggressive chemical containment, storage and process areas.

Project Details

Location Thai Nguyen, Vietnam
Project Nui Phao Rubber Lining Maintenance
Owner Masan Resources
EPC Nui Phao Mining Company Limited
Date 2013 – 2018
Work Rubber Lining Maintenance
System Linatex Rubber
Area N/A On going maintenance contract
Value N/A On going maintenance contract