Martabe Gold Steel Tanks

Martabe Gold Steel Tanks



Construction of the mine began in 2009 at an estimated cost of US$ 285 million. OZ Minerals began construction of the mine after Hong Kong based G-Resources Group Limited acquired a 95% stake in the project. The Martabe contract of work covers a 2,500 km2 area and deposits and resources at Martabe now stand at 6.7moz of gold and 68.31moz of silver.

Operating Conditions

The mining method is open pit and the ore will be treated using 4.5 million tonnes of ore per annum using proven SAG and Ball milling and carbon in leach (CIL) technology. Recoveries are expected to average 76% gold and 55% silver. The project has been hampered by heavy rainfall, making for a logistical challenge.

Special Requirements

To protect the Leach/CIP/Detox Tanks, floor and wall plates plus other areas that will come into contact with corrosive materials such as acid vapours and solutions.

Corrosion Protection

The internal lining of Leach/CIP/Detox Tanks, floor and wall plates and various concrete substrates in the vicinity of the tanks, were assigned coating systems to meet the operational requirements in order to resist corrosion and maintain suffcient thickness to meet the projects service life.


The installation and coating of a highly chemical resistant lining system, based on epoxy vinyl ester polymers, reinforced with glass fbre cloth, was undertaken. This multi layer applied system consists of, primer, trowelled basecoat, 2 or 3 ply glass laminate layers, followed by a waxed colour or clear topcoat. The lining cures rapidly to provide a hard dense protective barrier against highly aggressive chemicals.

Project Details

Location North Sumatra, Indonesia
Project Martabe Gold Steel Tanks
Owner G-Resources Group Limited
EPC Ausenco
Date 2011
Work Leach/CIP/Detox Tanks
System Vinyl Ester Lining
Area 11,000 m2
Value US$ 1.5 Million