Krabi Power Plant

Krabi Power Plant


Krabi power plant is located in Klong Kanan sub-district, Nuea Khlong district, Krabi province, covering an area of 600 rais with a generating capacity of 340MW.

Operating Conditions

As with all heavy oil fired power stations international regulations require construction of a Flue Gas Desulphurisation Plant (FDG) to manage and protect the surrounding environment from the acid fumes generated from burning the sulphur containg oil. The FGD is a complete self-contained unit that scrubs the hot acidic fumes generated from burning oil and effectively treats all waste so it can be disposed of safely.

Special Requirements

At Krabi power plant the maximum operating temperature inside the FGD was designed to be 105ºC. The flue gases from burning oil contain many corrosive materials; specifically sulphur dioxide which, in the presence of moisture can form concentrated sulphuric acid. This and materials used in the FGD process are highly corrosive to normal construction materials such as steel and concrete and therefore corrosion protection of these assets are required to maintain a long operational life span.

Corrosion Protection

The highly corrosive atmosphere coupled with the high temperatures in the FGD equipment means special attention has to be paid to the engineering and material selection for the corrosion protection.


Vinyl Ester FRP reinforced flake lining epoxy novalac linings were used. The following assets were protected:

  • Gas Gas Heater
  • Chemical Loading
  • Waste Water Areas

High temperature grade Novalac Vinyl Ester Resins System were used the product type matched to the operating conditions. Areas of high temperature Heavy Duty Glass Flake Filled Linings were used. General areas were coated with glass filled vinyl ester coatings.

Project Details

Location Krabi, Thailand
Project Krabi Power Plant
Owner E.G.A.T. Electricity Generating Authority Thailand
EPC Hitachi
Date 2001
Work Water Treatment Areas
System Vinyl Ester & Novolac Glass Flake Linings
Area 2,800 m2
Value US$ 350,000