Kaeng Koi Power Plant

Kaeng Koi Power Plant


Kaeng Koi Power Plant is located north of Bangkok in Saraburi province. The plant is a combined cycle gas turbine with a capacity of 2 x 734MW. The plant came into operation in March 2008.

Operating Conditions

Although clean fuel is used and therefore no FGD is required, Kaeng Koi like most power plants has wastewater treatment facilities and chemical storage areas that need concrete protection. Chemicals used to treat the wastewater and those contained in the wastewater itself are extremely corrosive when in contact with concrete surfaces. These are usually operating at ambient temperature or just above it.

Special Requirements

Acid and Alkali chemicals were both used at this project and individual lining systems were selected to match the chemicals and operating conditions of each area.

Corrosion Protection

Corrosion Protection was provided for the following chemicals in use at this project.

  • 98 and 20% Sulphuric acid
  • 15% Sodium hypochlorite
  • 40% Ferric sulphate
  • 35% Hydrochloric acid
  • 50% Sodium hydroxide
  • 20% Lime slurry
  • Various organic additives/chemicals

System Specifcations

The areas where sulphuric acid was stored, the pump area, sumps, drains and loading areas were all coated with an Epoxy Novalac coating system. The loading areas were additionally reinforced with a fbre reinforced laminate.

The remaining concrete areas including the wastewater tanks and the chemical storage areas, pump bases, sumps and drain areas were lined with vinyl ester lining systems. The product grade and type was matched with the chemical solution in use in that area. An acid resistant tiling system bedded & jointed is vinyl ester mortar was installed to the floor area of the laboratory.

Project Details

Location Saraburi, Thailand
Project Kaeng Koi II Power Plant
Owner Gulf Electric Company
EPC Alstom
Contractor Sino-Thai Engineering & Construction Public Company Limited
Date 2006
Work Concrete Tanks & Bund Areas
System Various
Area 2,500 m2
Value US$ 290,000