GHECO-One Power Plant

GHECO-One Power Plant


The Gheco-One power plant is owned by Glow Energy. This facility is a 660mw coal fired power plant and is situated in the Map Ta Phut area of Rayong in the gulf of Thailand .The Plant’s construction was completed in 2011 and in 2015 Glow Energy received the Best Public Company 2015 Resources Industry Award. With regards to the renewable energy business, Glow group has developed Glow energy solar power plant, in order to promote electricity generation from renewable energy. Glow Energy Solar is the frst solar power plant in Rayong Province.

Operating Conditions

This new supercritical coal fred power plant is designed to be environmentally friendly, by reducing fuel consumption, whilst maximizing power generation. Supercritical boilers produce power more effciently than standard boilers, as they operate with start up valves and waterwall pressure controls, but because they operate at higher pressures and higher temperatures, a proven reliable lining system was specifed to withstand these constant aggressive demands.

Special Requirements

Due to the process, flue gases are produced, which contain corrosive media, specifcally sulphur dioxide, which in the presence of moisture can form concentrated sulphuric acid, which is extremely corrosive to normal construction materials such as steel and concrete, so protection of these assets is vital, so as to assure a long operational life span.

Corrosion Protection

The highly corrosive and high temperatures and steam generated in and around these assets meant that special attention had to be taken when choosing the material selection and engineered  olutions, to ensure the correct corrosion protective systems were professionally installed


  1. Trowel applied, reinforced monolithic lining system for high acid resistance.
  2. High build heavy duty glass flake novolac epoxy coating for high temperatures.
  3. High solids epoxy intermediate coating system for giving optimum adhesion for topcoats.

These systems were applied to protect against high temperatures, chemical and abrasion attack and were selected and specifed for there performance

Project Details

Location Rayong, Thailand
Project GHECO-ONE Power Plant
Owner GHECO-ONE Company Limited
EPC Glow Energy Public Company Limited
Date 2015
Work Outage 2015 Static Part Inspection, Absorber, FGD Aeration Basin
System High Performance, Flake Filled, Epoxy Novolac Coating
Area 950 m2
Value US$ 220,000