DAP II Vinachem, CECO

DAP II Vinachem, CECO


DAP II Project is a venture by Vinachem joint stock company and is a fertilizer plant in the Lao Cai province of Vietnam. The plant produces diammonium phosphate at a capacity of 330,000  tonnes. A total investment of $ 247 million, built in Tang Loong Industrial Zone, Bao Thang District, Lao Cai Province on a construction site with an area of 74.7 ha.

Special Requirements

By far the largest use of phosphoric acid is in the manufacture of phosphates for use as fertilizers, the Plant at DAP II is a fertilizer plant and the manufacturing process to produce fertilizers  equires the use of aggressive chemicals/acids, because of this the process vessels and tanks have to be suitably protected from corrosion, by installing highly chemical resistant lining systems,  onsisting of rubber, carbon brick and tile.

Corrosion Protection

A Vulcanized two ply soft rubber lining system, based on chlorobutyl rubber was installed in the PA Plant along with acid resistant tiles and bricks, to form a corrosion resistant barrier to protect the plant from the aggressive chemicals that are used in the plant’s production process. The agitators were lined in a self vulcanizing soft rubber lining system that is based on bromo butyl rubber and was installed at a thickness of 6mm, this system has outstanding adhesion properties so therefore is particularly suited to vacuum stressed environments.


Vulcanized two- ply chlorobutyl based soft rubber lining system, applied to PA Plant.

Carbon filled brick and tile lining system, applied to PA Plant.

Self –Vulcanizing soft bromo butyl based rubber  ining system, applied to agitators.

Project Details

Location Lao Cai, Vietnam
Project DAP II Vinachem, CECO
Owner Vinachem
EPC Chemical Industry Engineering Joint Stock Company
Date 2013 – 2014
Work PA Plant, Rubber Lining, Carbon Brick & Tile Lining, Agitators, Steam Vulcanized Rubber Lining
Systems Vulcanized Rubber lining, Carbon brick & tilelining, Self-Vulcanizing, Rubber Lining
Area 5,210 m2
Value US$ 436,000