Bridgestone Carbon Black

Bridgestone Carbon Black


Bridgestone Carbon Black (Thailand) Co., Ltd. produces carbon black, one of the key raw materials for producing tires. They are a world leading tire manufacturer with BOI promotion and ISO14001:2004 certifcation. It has a production capacity of 40,000 tons a year . Carbon black is a crucial raw material for tire manufacturing. It reinforces the rubber compound and increases wear resistance. Bridgestone produces carbon black in Japan at its subsidiary Asahi Carbon Co., Ltd. Bridgestone Carbon Black (Thailand)’s Ban Khai Plant is Bridgestone’s frst plant for producing this important raw material outside Japan.

Operating Conditions

Surrounding areas near waste water treatment need to be protected from the damaging chemicals. Up stream operations for wastewater handling contain suffcient concentrations of aggressive chemicals to warrant the use of specialist lining materials.

Special Requirements

The concrete protection was designed and linings were selected to meet operational conditions on an area by area basis to maintain the tight budget of the project.

Corrosion Protection

Chemical storage areas, chemical unloading areas, high temperature areas, high erosion and general waste water treatment process, contact areas were assigned coating systems to meet the operational requirements.


Various systems were used such as glass reinforced vinyl ester linings, a fbre reinforced high chemical resistance epoxy coating, fbre reinforced coal tar epoxy and cementitious waterproofng system specifed and used for this project for all areas of the waste water treatment and surrounding concrete.

Project Details

Location Rayong, Thailand
Project Bridgestone Carbon Black
Owner Bridgestone Carbon Black (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.
EPC TSK Engineering
Date 2009
Work Concrete Tanks & Bund Area
System Vinyl Ester Lining
Area 2,000 m2
Value US$ 40,000